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Shrub Pruning

Shrub Pruning   Question: When can I prune my shrubs? Answer: It really depends on the type of shrub you are needing to prune and if and when it flowers. Pruning flowering shrubs at the wrong time can affect the blooming. For shrubs that flower in summer: prune early in the spring before blooming. Pruning in the spring will encourage new growth and more flowers. Examples: Blue Mist Spirea, Anthony Waterer Spirea, Potentilla. Shrubs which bloom on old growth from the previous

Winter Care

Winter Care Question: Is there any winter care that I need to know about? Answer: As for other winter care, we do recommend a normal watering schedule for all trees and shrubs even when we get a light snowfall, the melting snow is usually not enough water to reach the roots.  This can be done with a garden hose on a warm afternoon by setting a sprinkler near the trees/shrubs, or deeply soak them (slow trickle of water under the base of younger trees/shrubs), moving it around every 20

Tree Wrap

Tree Wrap   Question: I just bought a tree this season, it’s the fall now, do I need to wrap it? Answer: Yes, we recommend wrapping all newly planted trees for at least the first 3-4 cold seasons.  We would recommend doing this by the first of November for all newly planted young trees.  Maples are the exception to this rule, as they need to be wrapped sometime in September.  This will help protect the young bark from the harsh angle of