Landscape Design

Landscape Photo 001

Designing your landscape can be professionally formulated and drawing provided and may be needed for different reasons, whether it is for your own use in installing the project, or a drawing that may be needed for your community HOA, or a city’s planning department.

For homeowners, we have come up with a simple charge for a plan, which is $400.00 for an average size landscape or $200.00 for a front yard or back yard only. This price covers the initial site visit, and if a second follow-up visit needed, a ‘rough-draft’ is drawn up, a review visit, changes made; and then the final drawing is completed and printed out. We use our own custom made graphics on VectorWorks software for drawing plans. (If you would like 3-D views made, we use Pro-Landscapes software, and these are charged out at $24.00 per view.)

As it will require one of our design professionals, and the time involved to plan and configure individual landscapes, we feel that this charge is fair and honest to charge, yet kept low, to keep it more affordable. We are often asked if this (landscape drawing and professional time) can be deducted from the estimate if Eaton Grove does the installation. Since there is so much of our staff’s time involved, it is not possible to do this. However, we do offer other avenues of discounting, depending on the size of your final project. Therefore, we will address those on an individual basis at the time of estimating the project’s cost.